How did the stock price of Amazon company change?


During the trading period the shares of the US company Amazon has made interesting movements and reversals for the period from 30th of December 2016 to 30th of January 2017. The team of analysts and traders in conjunction with the marketing department of the Trade-24 company are paying  your attention to technical analysis of the price policy of the largest supplier of goods and services, as well as the likely causes of changes in value.

Financial experts of our company noticed five periods of Amazon Inc. stocks increase on this segment. The first one is from 30th December to 5th January. Average balanced price for the goods has stabilized at rates of $ 705.15 for 773.93 per unit. Strong support product gave positive rate of the US dollar, as well as the strong performance in fact purchased by the main US citizens ability reports.

imagesThe second period is the cost of goods determined its stabilization. It lasted from 6th to 10th January 2017. Change in value from $ 780.45 to $ 795.30 per share caused due to the beginning of the gradual growth of the interests of investors and traders after the start of the New Year. Trade-24 experts point out two features – high volatility in the market to the increase in “bullish” trend for the stock, and the impact on employment and on the growth of economic sentiment in the US reports.

The next period is the growth of prices of Amazon, Inc. based on the market return to trading after the New Year holidays. It lasted from January 11 to January 18, 2017. The reason for rising prices is quite a simple explanation – because of the holidays and closed markets start trading started with a mass increase in demand and prices of autolift. The bulk buying shares started a number of traders and brokers, the average American and East Atlantic US market sectors.

20160418121933-amazonThe fourth stage is the correction value of the shares on the background of the main proposals concerning stabilization of Donald Trump on the transfer of many production facilities abroad in the domestic management. Price fluctuations are on record at $ 812.63 $ 822.44, which is leading to the preparation of either the probable fall in prices of 800 USD per share, or rise to $850. The main driving purchase will be an yield data on the index of business activity and the level of wholesales and retails in the USA.

Last stage is the cost of the recession. It stands from the 25th to 29th January, and continues further (at the time of writing the material). During this period, the value of the company’s stock began to descend to the level of 833.03 with from $837 to $845. Now there is a smooth correction of up to $840 per commodity unit. The reasons for this action become the competitors, the market interest in the new company’s products, the optimistic-minded American “bears” on the NASDAQ, which are with that additional impacts of investment data give the strengthening positions on Amazon, Inc. stocks.

Analysts of Trade-24 think that by the end of the second decade of February we should expect three possible scenarios. First one is the conservation at price correction range from 4.5 to 15 dollars. In the second scenario, the fall in the value will be the indicator to $ 805-812 because of the enhanced support of large traders. The third – the commission to break the resistance level in the area of $ 848-851, which opens towards the level of $ 858-867.


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