How has the stock price of Alibaba company changed?



During the period of the trading, the shares of US-Chinese company Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd (NYSE: BABA) has made a very successful rise of the value for the period from 30th December 2016 to 30th January 2017. The team of analysts and traders in conjunction with the marketing department of the company Trade-24 company are paying  your attention to technical analysis of the price policy of one of the giants of the world e-commerce company  for the supply of goods and services, as well as considering the possible causes of changes in value.

Financial experts of our company noted four periods of Alibaba sales growth with respect to this length of time. The first is from 30th December to 5th January. Average balanced price for the goods has stabilized at rates of $ 87.81 for 94.37 per unit. Strong support for the stabilization of product is given by the US currency, as well as strong performance in fact purchased by the main US citizens ability reports.

The second period cost of goods determined its stabilization. It lasted from 6th to 12th January 2017. Change in value from $93.89 to $95.90 per share due to the beginning of the gradual growth of the interests of investors and traders after the start of the New Year. Trade-24 Experts point out two features – a moderate volatility in the market due to the increase in “bullish” trend for the shares of many trading companies and the impact on employment and on the growth of economic sentiment in the US reports.

ae265ec8d02add74bcb0f72e47ec001b_lThe next period is the growth of Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. prices because the markets return to trading after the New Year holiday period. It lasted from January, 13 to January 24. The reason for rising prices from $96.27 to $101.02 dollars per share has quite a simple explanation because of holidays and closed markets start trading started with a mass increase in demand and prices of autolift. The bulk buying shares started a number of traders and brokers from the average American and East Atlantic US market sectors.

The fourth stage in the period from 25th January to 30th January 2017 with the fall of prices from $ 104.06 to 101.02 was under the influence of correction on the background of the main proposals by Donald Trump on the change of legal capacity addresses the American industrial giants. price fluctuations is on record at $ 104.06 $ 101.02, leading to the preparation of either the probability of a price drop to $ 100 per share, a rise to $ 110. The main driving force was the small drop to yield data on the index of business activity and the level of wholesale and retail sales in the USA.

Analysts of Trade-24 think that by the end that before the end of February we should expect three possible scenarios. The first one is the level of preservation of the price correction in the range of $99.45 to $100.13. In the second scenario, we should expect a cost of up to $ 96,07-95,88 index due to increased support from major traders. The third is the commission to break the resistance level in the area of $ 102,78-104,84, that open towards the level of $ 110-113 per share.


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