Top-5 trends for buying Snapchat messenger shares


Since March 2nd, Snap, Inc. begins to enter the market of the New York Mercantile Exchange at 9:30 am on the ECT. According to the plan of the establishment owners, for traders and investors it will available more than 200 million shares by, the average balanced price by 15-17 dollars per unit into the start of trading. Despite the enormous losses of the company for the past two years, as it had became known from earlier publications of general annual reports, the company’s entry into the development of IPO will be the most anticipated event since 2012, when the enterprise Facebook became the public joint stock company. On this basis, Trade-24 marketing department has decided to reveal the top-5 benefits for the purchase of shares of Snap, Inc. in the near future.

Trend #1. A quick way to make money

If you’re a beginner or an experienced trader who wants to make on the scheme “buy cheap – sell expensive”, the Snap, Inc. shares will be considered the best option from all possible. Since the company was preparing the entrance to the market more than two years, the markets were not able to form a picture of the movement in securities prices, that would be the best way to make a primary spurt. It is because of this decision, Facebook Inc. could reach $ 100 in less than two years since the movement with a pitiful amount of $26. If the version of the medium-term pricing is not suitable more confident traders then buy, a large enough volume of shares will help to align the subject.

Trend #2. Investing in an interesting perspective

Since the company’s shares of Snap, Inc. for the first time will start on the stock exchange of New York at 09-30 local time, the market players will open quite an appealing prospect for profit much faster than Facebook. Since the property of the service Snapchat believes a significant number of users in a given application, any registered participant will receive priority right to develop the stock market. Thus, a member of the network and the company owner knows that the project is an important part of life for many users.

Trend #3. “Invisible” competitive advantage

It would seem that the titans of social networks and instant messengers like Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber  ahead a few steps forward Snapchat, but we do not recommend bury this service. Firstly, the flexible privacy policy in the transmission of photos or other graphic content from the company Snap, Inc. It is not inferior to the well-known service Telegram, but is far ahead and WhatsApp and Viber, which are constantly the targets of hackers. Secondly, the market always takes know-how of “new type” much faster than promoted and implemented brands. With this, of course, a pleasure to work for those who are already well off enough; but what about just wanting to buy a pair of stocks and to develop exciting direction? And thirdly, for experienced traders it is the development of small companies “from scratch” in the long term is much profitable than developing already successful brands. The whole reason lies in the fact that the new business, which falls on the stock exchange, immediately becomes one of the priority objectives of investors, who wish to broaden their investment portfolio into many exciting and promising areas.

Trend #4. Hot offer

It is so “hot” proposal that it would have missed the opportunity to make money later to bite your elbows from the loss of opportunity to get an excellent income. In other words, Snap, Inc. offers simple but comfortable formula – “the new shares will give interest for all who wants to invest in something new, but very familiar at the same time.” While Thursday and Friday at the beginning of March 2017 will be bought shares indicator, we should reassure that such a proposal is relatively rare. So you should decide and start trading via the stock Snap, Inc. with the skilled care of  Trade-24.

Trend #5. Here & Now!

Trade-24 offers to our customers and those who wish to earn due to successful investing in this offer, get ten shares of Snap, Inc. on free use. We offer you the opportunity to make here and now, without leaving your PC or mobile device. To start trading and get an exclusive offer from our company, open the trading account and get a gift from the company Trade- 24 (yes, that’s – ten) shares of Snap, Inc. We advise you to hurry up! Еhe number of proposals and actions is limited.


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