Top-5 trends for buying Snapchat messenger shares


Since March 2nd, Snap, Inc. begins to enter the market of the New York Mercantile Exchange at 9:30 am on the ECT. According to the plan of the establishment owners, for traders and investors it will available more than 200 million shares by, the average balanced price by 15-17 dollars per unit into the start of trading. Despite the enormous losses of the company for the past two years, as it had became known from earlier publications of general annual reports, the company’s entry into the development of IPO will be the most anticipated event since 2012, when the enterprise Facebook became the public joint stock company. On this basis, Trade-24 marketing department has decided to reveal the top-5 benefits for the purchase of shares of Snap, Inc. in the near future.

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Как менялася цена на акции компании Microsoft за последние 30 дней?


За период активных торгов за прошедший месяц на Нью-Йоркской бирже NASDAQ акции компании Microsoft показывали положительную динамику роста. Команда аналитиков и трейдеров совместно с маркетинговым отделом компании Trade-24 представляет к Вашему вниманию технический анализ ценовой политики акций американской компании, а также укажем, какие факторы могли привести к изменениям в стоимости.

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Silver under the trader’s lens: how has changed the value of a commodity?


During the last period of improved trading in the international markets for the sale of precious metals, silver has committed an improbable rally in the period from 16 January to 16 February. The team of analysts and traders in conjunction with the marketing department of the company Trade-24 is to bring to your attention a technical analysis of the pricing policy of the precious metal, as well as the possible causes of changes in value.

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How the oil changed its price during the month?


Analysts Trade24 offer to your attention a common analytical material on the changes in the pricing policy for Brent crude in the period from June 21 to July 21, 2016. There will also be a brief report on the further prospects on the cost of goods in August this year. Trade24 experts noted three stages of formation, and changes in oil prices this brand. The calculation data were taken from daily technical analyzes and the an overview of the purchased capacity of customer and market trends.

The first phase is the the impact of Brexit. This period lasted from 22 to 29 June. Analysts said, that the rise in oil prices due to the effects of the decision of the UK citizens to withdraw from the European Union structures. In general, the weekly chart of trades can be clearly defined increase in the price of oil at $ 3 – from $ 47.53 to $ 50.66 for barrel.

The second phase is the the impact of API reports. This time period is from 1 July to 15 July. Company experts have underlined, that the two statements of the American Petroleum Institute on crude oil stockpiles in the storage affected the price. Traders also noted, that the cost of the goods made to drop indicators to 47,47 and 47,30.

The third stage – the price correlation. This time period covers the price movements within coefficient 1,75-2,25 per barrel. Also, the company Trade24 analysts say, that in the future oil will have a little volatility towards the end of July. Price fluctuations worth noting by the formula – the benchmark of 47 dollars for barrel makes a motion with the specified parameter.

Our traders note two possible scenarios for the pricing policy. In the first scenario, we are waiting for penetration of support at $ 47, then the oil will continue to fall to mark of 43,50-44,00. The main influencing factor will be further API reports and statements of OPEC member countries.

According to the second scenario, oil will make resistance, and the price of goods will jump to around $ 49,00-49,50. The main factors will influence the supply of raw materials reduction in Europe, as well as the reduction of oil reserves. However, our analysts are convinced, that the psychological mark of $ 50 oil is not able to breakthrough that until the mid-late August 2016.

How the gold has changed in its price during the month?


Trade24 offers to your attention an overview of the behavior of gold for one month, from June 15 to July 15, 2016. The basis of all technical analysis were taken information from this period of time.

Financial experts of our company noted four periods on gold on this segment. The first one – from June,15 to June, 21. Average balanced price of the goods does not exceed the figure of $1245-1250 per ounce. Strong support product gave confident the British pound sterling exchange rate, as well as high rates of the main settlement currency purchased capacity.

The second period was determined by the influence of Brexit. It lasted from 22nd to 27th of June. Voting results caused an incredible panic in the market – the goods for two days (June 23-24) added to the cost of $100 per ounce. Experts of Trade24 marked two features – high volatility in the market, and the growth of speculation in the product

The next period – the growth of prices for the yellow metal due to the weak impact of the Bank of England to the collapse of the British currency. It lasted from 29th of June to 7th of July. At the same time, the statements of the British banking sector regulator Mark Carney, who reported certain non-intervention to develop a strategy to save the pound, has led to the further movement of goods. Since the pound heavily depended on the price of gold, as the British currency made the drop to that of 1981, at the same time, gold easily broke the mark of $1360 and getting access to the bar 1375-1380 per ounce.

Last stage – the cost of correction. It lasted from 8th to 15th of July. During this period, the price of the yellow metal has stabilized at levels in 1355 and 1339. Now, there is a smooth adjustment to the level of $1310 per ounce of product. The reason for this was the statements of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda to keep interest rates for the yen, and the additional impact of committed falling demand for the metal.

Analysts of Trade24 is believed that by the end of July is expected four possible scenarios. The first – to stabilize the price of gold on korrelyanty level of 5-9 dollars. In the second scenario, the fall in the value will be $1310-1315 to the index due to increased support from major traders. The third – the commission of breakthrough of the resistance level at 1358, which will open towards the mark in 1385-1400.

Also, the expert forecasts will depend on a number of events. It is a statement of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda on July 27 about the changes of the emission component of the monetary policy of the rising sun. Another important event will be the ECB decision on interest rates in the short and long term, which will present the head of institution Mario Draghi. And the third event is the decision of the US Federal Reserve Board members about the changes in the interest rate against the dollar for the first time in 5 years.

Повлияет ли Иранская нефть на свои цены на протяжении второго полугодия 2016 года?


Рынок сейчас слегка ошарашен новостью из нефтегазовой отрасли. Директор государственной корпорации National Iranian Oil Co. по международным вопросам,  Мохсен Гамсари, поведал в интервью изданию Bloomberg, что Иран увеличит количество добываемой нефти до 4 миллионов баррелей в сутки. Представитель нефтяной компании подтвердил, что государство совершает контроль над 80% доли того рынка, которую он занимал до введения санкций против добычи черного золота  в 2012 году.

Как оказалось, позже, слова представителя главного нефтегазового монополиста, повторил и профильный министр Биджан Намдар Зангане. Чиновник поведал кое-какую информацию о стратегии развития этого вида промышленности, согласно которой, к 2021 году страна хочет получить долю на рынке в рамках от 5,5-5,8 миллионов б/с. Министр нефтяной промышленности Ирана подтвердил, что кроме нефти и газа, будет поставляться и газовый конденсат, и сжиженный газ.

Эксперты сразу проанализировали оба заявления, и пришли к парадоксальному выводу – они не повлияют на стоимость нефти до конца текущего года. Причин у специалистов рынка есть две. Коротко охарактеризовать их можно так:

Первая – это перенасыщенность рынка нефтью, в том числе, и иранскою. После снятия 4-летних санкций против Ирана, страна, на протяжении полугода, получила доступ к своим валютным запасам в международных банках, возобновила поставки всех видов топлива в Европу, подписала ряд контрактов, как с крупными компаниями, так и с целым рядом государств. Стоит добавить, что после публикации отчета об американских запасах нефти, в Тегеране понимают, что лучшего шанса не будет на фоне постоянных провалов переговоров между участниками ОПЕК о снижении квот для добычи нефти.

Вторая причина – снижение спроса на нефть. Из-за опубликованного ранее отчета по американской сланцевой нефти, трейдеры решили немного приостановить покупку нефти. Причина проста – за несколько недель ожидается новое неофициальное собрание членов-стран ОПЕК, которые еще обговорят картельное решение о квотировании рынка. Также, на нефть сильное давление совершает падение основных расчетных валют по данному товару – американскому доллару, британскому фунту и евро.

Таким образом, по мнению специалистов, а также, аналитиков Trade24 стоит ожидать незначительного падение цен на нефть до $47 долларов за баррель. В ближайшее время станет понятно и дальнейшая политика членов-участников ОПЕК по поводу введения ограничений на продажу черного золота.

ECB proposes to extend the program on the statistical analysis of the markets


President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, suggested starting to use the new data validation and data collection systems in a number of suspicious transactions and shadow banking economy. He said about this during the 8th ECB Statistics Conference.

According to ECB press-center, the Head of the institution turned his attention to the phenomenon of “granulation data”. According to Mr. Draghi, namely the creation of a new program to conduct statistics will help quickly to identify all problematic transactions.

Also the Head of the ECB underlined the importance of better understanding of the functioning of money markets and the impact of the monetary transmission mechanisms in the individual sectors of the economy. “This will be the basis for our analysis of unconventional instruments of monetary policy, and it will effectively use for future preventive measures,” concluded Mario Draghi.