How multi-billionaire Warren Buffett earned $ 11 billion in six weeks?


Legendary American multi-billionaire Warren Buffett continues to amaze the world market through its decisions on profit. As it turned out yesterday, because of the jump indicators like the Dow Jones and S&P 500 on the New York Stock Exchange, its child as Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. could earn more than one billion dollars. The team of analysts and traders Trade-24, the company decided to look at how he was able to make a good deal.

The long-term investment strategy or trading like Warren Buffett

As many professional traders, Warren Buffett is committed to long-term investment strategy. For example, its a good buy brand worldwide Heinz cost companies billionaire 26 billion dollars, but if you take into account the total profit from the sale of products, the deal will pay off in a few years. Buffett’s company also has been able to make money on the deal on Precision Castparts Corp group purchase, which specialises in the production of spare parts for the movable parts of the US rail. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has the significant debt, three big contracts with South and South-Western Railway US road – and Berkshire Hathaway, Inc back on the horse.

Buffett WomenIt is through such extraordinary abilities investments Buffett made another successful strategy. The company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK.B) rose in its value by 0.15% yesterday on the background of the fact that a portion of their funds invested in Apple shares. It made the price jump for the fourth quarter, increasing its stake to 57.36 million shares on December 31, 2016, compared with 15.23 million shares as of September 30 last year.

If you make a calculation of the ratio of investment by amount, fixing profits and increase the liquidity of shares, over the past six weeks in 2016 the billionaire earned more than $ 11 billion in net profit. This success raises questions – how it turned out at a businessman? Why did he not lose their money? And traders should trade for a significant profit?

How long should conduct the transaction to obtain a reasonable profit

After this method has arrived, our market analysts and traders decided to specify the number of relevant recommendations for our readers, as well as those bidders who have yet to learn how to earn money. It is worth noting that these tips are not a universal key to the solution of any strategy, but only suitable for the conduct of trading over a longer period.

Recommendation 1. Do not be afraid to invest heavily in trade

Quite a common mistake is the fear of investing significant transactions because of the possibility of losing all the money. However, it should be noting that substantial investments and trading operations give a far greater profit than smaller operations to 5-10 dollars profit. In any case, a large volume of trade obliges traders to be attentive to your sales tool, as we’ll describe below.

Recommendation 2.  Monitor your trading instrument for an extended period of time

us-dollar-exchange-rate-1Our analysts and traders say that because of the permanent customer employment with their important affairs, it is little time to the social commerce. Because of the loss of the low paying attention to trading is a relatively common cause of customer confidence in the brokerage or dealing company. The best option for the client will not only his attention to his trading instrument, but also to enlist the support of your sales analyst.

Recommendation 3. Do not put earnings after profit

Once your trading instrument was finally able to give quite a liquidity return on long-term investment strategy, our market analysts note that most traders with little experience in the market were trying to partially or entirely withdraw funds from the account. Such action is considered as not quite right, as a trader, not only reduces the possibility of obtaining a larger profit but also reduces the liquidity of assets. In other words, if the player in the market after the earnings begin to change the tool or broker (dealer), it will lead to the loss of profits. The best option, as has become evident, is to work with the representative who has helped you earn.

Finally, a team of analysts and  Trade-24 marketing department of the company advise you not afraid of possible subsidence in the auction, or a slight correction in prices falling. After all, most likely after the equation value of the shares or indices at a certain level, it can wait for quite a sharp price rise. And we wish you a successful trading and a good profit.

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Как мультимиллиардер Уоррен Баффет заработал $11 миллиардов за шесть недель?

Buffett Women

Легендарный американский мультимиллиардер Уоррен Баффет продолжает удивлять мировые рынки своими решениями по получению прибыли. Как оказалось вчера, из-за прыжка показателей как индекс Доу-Джонса и S&P 500 на Нью-Йоркской фондовой бирже, его детище Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. смогло заработать более миллиарда долларов. Команда аналитиков и трейдеров компании Trade-24 решили разобраться в том, каким образом ему удалось совершить такую удачную сделку.

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How do properly use the stock indices in significance for the profit?

Stock Market Board

The day before yesterday, on January 25th, 2016, the US index of Dow Jones  reached the level of 20 thousand pointsfor the first time ever. This figure was made possible due to a number of influential factors – the US President Donald Trump statements, a number of positive reports and the parallel growth of indices, inflation growth of some indicators and revision of some provisions of the lending policy. On the basis of such factors and the complexity of a difficult reading of trade indices, analysts and  marketing department of Trade-24 company have decided to write about these indicators, how they are calculated and what can help traders in its trading. , we took five of the most influential financial and trade indices into the basis of our review, which can change the situation on the market. They are DowJones, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, DAX and Nikkei 225.

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How much costs a trader failure and how to protect yourself from unwanted losses?

Trader watch their screens on the Troika Dialog trading floor in Moscow

World markets are quite cruel for traders, as well as trade was not only beyond the lucrative, but also gave the matter a great burden of responsibility. Even a simple platitude can affect the result of trade. For example, a trader simply mixed buttons for sale, accidentally pressing the wrong, that it was necessary. Sometimes a trader due to simple technical errors may suffer significant losses, some companies such errors brought losses amounting to billions of dollars. Trade-24 attacking seemed to remind all market players about the probability of loss, as well as specify a few tips on how to not open and make transactions.

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Золотые правила для совершения торговых сделок


В нынешнюю эпоху мировой торговли в режиме 24/7 приходится очень быстро приспособиться к невероятных движениям рынка. При таких условиях выработка важных правил трейдинга становится обязательной. Маркетинговый отдел компании Trade-24 решил рассказать игрокам на рынке касательно того, как клиентам стоит принимать решения и какие механизмы стоит использовать в случаях колебаний на рынке.

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What is necessary to know about buying or selling commodities?


The world market offers many opportunities to make money from the exchange rate to the buy/sale of shares of companies, that specialize in the sale of commodities.  Trade-24 analysts have decided to give a small overview on how to make a product of this type. For example, we decided to take the price movement of oil and metals on the example of two successful companies on the data of 2016 – Brazilian oilgiant Petróleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) and the Kazakh company KAZ Minerals PLC.

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How to choose the best Forex broker for freshman?


Over the past few years, market development and the growth of supply provided an opportunity for the emergence of many companies with Forex services. However, few people know, what criteria should carry out selection of the best of them, if you do not have enough experience. In one of the last materials we talked about how to choose the best forex broker in terms of image and reputation of reliability with an experienced client. Now let’s look from the novice’s position.

Trade experience

Many times you have heard, that a company of this type are used to use the ignorance and little experience of client, that simply pumped money from the man to the fullest. So it do many unscrupulous companies, but there are those, who have never not go in this way. To the fore, the main criterion, that  immediately implies, is experience. As practice shows, the priority selection becomes to the company, which has at least 5 years on the market trading. This is the main catch. Many companies have no more than 2-3 years, staying mostly due to a number of reasons, which will be discussed further.

Geographical scope of the customer

The second focus for future trader should always pay on the covering territory by broker. Also it is necessary to add the extremely important fact: if the company has only monolingual panel (ie, negotiate and services provided in only one language), the audience is no more than 6000 users and it has a lot of the question promptly input of money – it should alert you. The most common way for fraudsters can hide under the guise of brokerage companies.

Successful companies in the field of forex services, which are distinguished by a multinational audience, opened trade positions around the world and the transparent system of profit and bonuses. If you doubt about the single point – think twice, because one inaccuracy can cost you money.

Customer reviews

The most painful part of any data searching about the future of the forex broker or dealing center is the reviews and comments about it on many websites. After all, most of all Internet audience is divided into four parts.

discussion-image_490_264_5_80The first – the employees of companies, that write positive recommendations regarding their company. The second – customers who often accuse the company of unprofessional due to the loss of money through his own fault (less by the fault of the company’s employees). The third one are former employees of a broker, who were laid off due to various reasons – the standards discrepancy, personal animosity, fraud with the money of clients and so on. The fourth group is rivals, who are trying to take away  the attention of customers, often leaving only the negative and offensive comments.

According to the observations of experienced traders, the best tip will always be the one, which will be given complete formula forex broker works (leverage conditions spread, maturity of the insurance in the event of the failure of the auction), as well as an example of painted successful/unsuccessful transaction and a clear plan, who might be to blame for its failure. Also, it is worth remembering, that the best opinion is worth reading on reputable sites, because most often it is the place, where the staff is attentive to public attention. No less important thing in the review is the fact of having links to information leakage or discharge. You should take attention, because of most “successful” companies catch the bait inattentive clients. Therefore, we advise carefully sort through written on forms on the Internet.

The credibility and brand awareness

The current level of marketing allows you to consider the service for such an extent level, that nothing remains only to buy/accept/agree with this view. However, it is very clear, that the credibility of the forex broker is not based on the built its advertising strategy, as well as its brand, the past many years of successful work, and the positive and negative income, gives the ability to prove their work.

tumblr_o05v3ezmyt1ugn1wu_og_1280Among independent sources of definitions may be voting authoritative publications, the presence of permanent B2C technology (webinars, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, open house etc.).Brand awareness is also stands in the right advertising strategy, which connected all possible ways – the media, the Internet-providing, a good job with a reputation and customer revenues. Future customers need to know a very important detail about the company one more thing – does have the forex broker for you all the amenities: from the basic course to all-time-by contact.

“The kitchen”

One of the pillars of a successful choice is the knowledge of “kitchen” of the company. This analogy will be apparent to all. We decided to tell you about five of these postulates, which will help you better understand whether it’s your Forex-broker or not.

Rule one – the availability of training or demo account

A demo account allows you to check the trading platform and the related working environment. Free Demo Account is a great way to learn & to practice the trade in the currency market, because you’ll be able to visit the site of the trader, which opens a real account. Demo account, of course, credited fictitious money.

Rule the second – the presence of the commission payments and spread

The claim, that brokers offer commission-free trading, is only partially true, since they are paid for services partly through the spread. Their “commission”, therefore, is proportional to the size of your position. They have other mechanisms for earnings, but the spread is basic. Spread is the difference between the quotation of “sale” and the quote “buy” (or the difference between the sale price, “the bid” and shopping “ask”). The spread in the general case has the fixed value, becoming  variable when it becomes a strong market volatility. If you company offers a variable spread – we advise not to work with such company.

Rule Three – Leverage

Some brokers offer a leverage of 1: 100 and a leverage of 1: 200. Leverage’s size can vary from one Forex-broker to another. At that time, as the higher the leverage does not guarantee you a profit, however, a higher retail margin will give you the best chance to win big profit. The high degree of leverage is important, especially when you have a small trading capital.

Rule Four – the presence of soft margin limits

When you are trading with credit money, your broker can tell how much risk you can take on. Thus, the broker can buy or sell on your own, it can be a bad thing for you. The best way is to avoid such companies to carefully read the terms of trade, and to take the discussion on the forums traders.

Rule the fifth – the introduction/removal of the means of payment

Brokers offer a wide range of techniques funds your trading account as well as withdrawals from the account. Conveniently, the Forex-Broker offers In/ Out resources by a bank payment, payment (credit) cards of VISA, MasterCard, etc., as well as payment systems Moneybookers, WebMoney, PayPal. When you select and evaluate the terms of crediting mechanism and withdrawals from the account, you must also be aware, that some brokers are allowed to withdraw funds from the trading account only by this method, with which opened the trading account. This point is related to the customer’s security policy. Nevertheless of that, many companies do not restrict the customers in choosing the possible withdrawal methods, but it is better to be informed on the subject.

Summing up, we can say the following. The ideal company in the market Forex-market simply does not exist, because the trade is a risky business. However, due to the fact, that you will carefully monitor the options and conditions for the beginning of work in this area, the possibility of serious financial losses will be kept to a minimum. Also, Trade-24 reminds to you: Beware of fraudsters and profiteers! Try to work only with reliable and responsible brokers on the Forex market.